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Guidelines for Competing

Copa Cervezas de América

XI Edition 2024

Why Participate?

Because we love beer, just like you!

  • You'll have the opportunity to compete with the best beers, ciders, and meads on the continent.
  • We provide visibility to the winners, as our medals certify their quality in the market.
  • We have world-renowned judges who meticulously evaluate the qualities and attributes of each participant.
  • We provide detailed sensory evaluations that offer improvement suggestions for each sample.
  • We take care of your beers with sample reception centers equipped with refrigeration units.

Participation Conditions

We are an international competition; professional Beers, Ciders, and Meads from around the world can participate.


  • - Participants produce and market their beers, ciders, and meads in full compliance with the laws and regulations in their countries of origin.
  • - The beer, cider, or mead with which you participate must have been commercially available (sold to consumers) before the awards ceremony on September 15, 2024.
  • - Not eligible to participate: All homemade products (Beers, ciders, and meads), brewery projects, or those whose production and marketing do not comply with the current legislation in their country of origin for the production and/or marketing of alcoholic beverages.
  • - Individuals, breweries, cideries, or meaderies must comply with the Code of Ethics of Copa Cervezas de América, and must also comply with the Regulations for the use of medals, advertising, and marketing.
  • - Those who do not comply with these regulations will be disqualified from the competition without the right to a refund of the registration fee.

Registration Tiers


May 8th to 29th

First Tier

May 30th to June 20th

Second Tier

June 21st to July 18th

Third Tier
Important: You can pay for registrations early to secure a better price, but you have until the end of registrations to enter the participating beers.

Send your beers!

The beer reception date is from July 22nd to August 1st*
  • - You have until July 27th to enter the information of the competing beer.
  • - Send your beers to the sample reception centers in different countries on the scheduled dates. Follow the shipping instructions carefully according to your place of origin!
  • - The reception dates at the consolidation centers are the same for all participants in all countries to ensure equal participation conditions.
  • * Only if you choose international shipping directly to Chile, we grant an additional 2 weeks for reception at our warehouses in Chile, that is until August 16th.

Shipping Price per registered sample

(international sample shipping)
  • Argentina and Peru: 15 dólares
  • Brazil: 25 dólares
  • México, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Panamá, Uruguay, Colombia, Paraguay: 35 dólares
  • United States: 45 dólares

Key Dates Summary

Participation Deadlines

May 8th to 29th: First beer registration tier
May 30th to June 20th: Second beer registration tier
June 21st to July 18th: Third beer registration tier
July 27th Deadline for making changes to registrations.
July 28th: Deadline for refunds and registration returns.
July 22nd to August 1st: Sample reception at Reception Centers worldwide.
August 16th: Deadline for reception of internationally shipped samples directly to Chile.


September 10th: Arrival of judges
September 11th to 13th: Beer judging
September 11th: Brewery boat tour
September 12th to 13th: Brewer's conference
September 14th: Award ceremony
September 15th: Farewell, we return home.

Register Enter according to the production location of your beers

Centros de Recepción de Muestras Descarga la información según tu país para enviarnos las cervezas correctamente